Ten Sundays Productions was formed in 2004 as an independent production company operated by filmmakers wanting to share ideas and sharpen each others' abilities. A company which takes pride in cutting the fat that limits other productions and embracing low budgets and local resources. Interested in creating an environment where it is encouraged to make films which are as loud, sweet, funny, obscene, or violent as desired. The filmmakers involved understand that it is pointless to play safely and strive to make brave new films. They have produced shorts, feature films, and documentaries which have been shown internationally at film festivals and theatrical screenings.


Paul Busetti was born in Alexandria, Virginia in 1982. After graduating high school, he decided against film school and instead went to work for minimum wage at a local independent video store. Inspired by the new breed of movie geeks turned directors raised by the VCR, he spent the next six years arguing about movies with anyone who would linger in the store long enough. He wrote, directed, and edited his first short The Clockmaker when he was 21. He followed that up with Gone the Way of the Buffalo and Antidote Seven. The combined budget of all three films was under $1000. In 2007, he completed an exhaustive 13 months of editing How Did You Lose Your Soul Sweetheart, which he also produced and photographed. Later that year he wrote & directed the horror film Cannibal Cheerleader Camp which was an official selection of the Virginia Independent Film Festival and was released on the underground horror compilation Cult Vol 1. in 2008, he co-wrote/directed the satirical short Abraham Lincoln: The Motion Picture with Ten Sundays co-founder Ian Albetski and together they produced the feature comedy Boxing Day, which has been playing at film festivals around the country since its release. In 2011, He was a producer on the award winning comedy The Maladjusted . His major influences are Polanski, Kubrick, Godard, Dario Argento, John Caprenter, & David Cronenberg. He is currently in post production on the feature horror film Veil and will begin production on his sophomore effort Remains in 2015. He lives in Manhattan, Kansas with his beautiful wife, son, and bunny rabbit..

Contact: paul@tensundays.com

Ian Albetksi was born in Washington, DC in 1984. He co-founded Ten Sundays Productions with Paul Busetti in 2004 and has been the driving force behind many of the company’s films. His critical eye and attention to detail has elevated the projects above other independent fare. He served as a producer on The Clockmaker, Gone The Way of the Buffalo, Cannibal Cheerleader Camp, Boxing Day, Conquering the Rose, and Veil . He made his directorial debut with Abraham Lincoln: The Motion Picture, which received praise for its dark humor. He has worked on the production side of films in the DC area such as Ghosts Don’t Exist, Cowboy Killer, and The Maladjusted. The short film Missing or Empty was his thesis film at George Mason University, where he received his degree in Film & TV studies. His major influences include Darren Aronofsky, P.T. Anderson, David FIncher, Lars Von Trier, and VIncent Gallo. He currently lives in Alexandria, Virginia with his wife, actress Bridget Devlin Burke.

Contact: ian@tensundays.com

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